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Outpatient Catheter APS Telephone List


In EPIC, outpatients need to be transferred from the APS Active list and placed into a telephone follow up list BEFORE they are discharged/removed from APS Active list.


This workflow describes the steps to place the patient onto the telephone list.   Please follow the steps listed below.   Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your patient and then having + difficulty getting them on to the Telephone list.


1.       Complete your APS orders as per usual

2.       Identify your patient on the respective “CIV/GEN APS Active Patient” list


3.       When discharge is imminent (that would be immediately if catheter is placed in an outpatient setting), MOVE your patient from this list to the “Shared Reminder Lists\CIV/GEN APS Telephone Follow Up” list (drag and drop).  




4.       “Discontinue” your patient from the APS.   To do this, find your patient on the “APS Active Patient” list and click on the “APS” icon.   This will take you to the APS navigator.


At the bottom of the navigator, you will see the “ Discontinue ” button.   Click this button and your patient will fall off the inpatient list.



5.       You now want to telephone your patient. Open “Patient Lists”, highlight your patient and click on the Shared Reminder List\ “CIV-GEN-RIV APS Telephone Follow Up” tab.




6.       You are now back in the APS navigator.   Click on “ +Create Note in Notewriter




7.       You now see the APS rounding progress note.

Any of the rounding tabs can be used to document your note.






8.       When you no longer want the patient on the telephone list.  

Identify patient on the telephone list.   Right click and “remove patient”




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