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Anesthesia Assistants and AMBIT pump.


On occasion, an outpatient with an indwelling nerve catheter is seen by an anesthesia assistant to either insert a new bag of local anesthetic, perform a dressing change or troubleshoot a technical issue with the pump.  The following workflow describes how an AA can document a note within EPIC describing what has been done.

The names of all AA’s provided to me by G. Caporale now have credentials to access the Telephone Follow Up list (where all outpatient catheter patients live).  **NB.  The patient will be found in the list where the original block was performed, not necessarily where the patient is being seen.

1.       From “Patient Lists”, open the appropriate list, highlight the patient and then click the “Telephone APS” tab.



2.       Enter provider name and “Accept”

3.       You are now in the APS Rounding Navigator.  Hit the down chevron.


4.       Select “Blank Note”



5.       Type the following to bring up the appropriate smart phrase (.ambit) and enter.  Don’t forget the period in front of “ambit”-this tells the system you are looking for a smart phrase


6.       Note the highlighted yellow fields.  These are smart lists.  Place your cursor over the field and hit F2 on the keyboard.


7.       A dropdown menu appears.  It is yellow (means single select only).  Use your mouse or keyboard “down arrow” to select the appropriate campus and then hit “enter”



8.       The next smart link will automatically open (if not, cursor over yellow and hit F2).  Blue highlighting in the drop down means multi-select.  *** are wild cards.  If you select, you will be prompted to free text.


9.       Sign the note and you are done.

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