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Launching vOACIS and NER Viewer in EPIC/Legacy Systems in EPIC


EPIC will contain 3 years of archived information from our legacy systems. This means you should not have to exit EPIC in order to access this information.


In situations where information prior to mid 2016 is required, you will be able to launch a web based “read only” version of vOACIS. 


From your main status board, select the patient in question and hit “ Chart Review



The tab labeled, “ Patient Archive ” will take you to  read only “vOACIS” information.  As the patient is already selected, you will be taken directly to the relevant information without having to search.


The tab labeled, “NER viewer” will take you to the “Connecting Ontario Clinical Viewer”





Legacy systems that currently reside on our desktops will continue to do so.  This would include both SIMS Live Perioperative Manager and SIMS Live Preop Manager .




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