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Double Setup/Other OR Cases in L&D


It looks like we have finally resolved the issue with cases other than C-Sections going to the L&D OR.


The system should now contain the ability to link to a procedure titled, “Double Setup”. There are two scenarios.


Case is booked prior to Epidural placement:


1) Find the case on the LDR+Triage grease board.


2) Double click on the patient or click the C-Section/Double Setup button in the header.   The Double Setup procedure will be pre-selected.   Click Accept.


3) You are taken to the Pre-procedure section and have access to a full grid/graph.



4) The default macro is “Epidural L&D”.  If this doesn’t work for you, then remove the Macro.


5) Go to the “Macro” icon and select what you want.


Case is booked after Epidural placement:


1) Find the patient on the LDR + Triage or Epidural Round grease board.


2) Double click on the patient or click C-Section/Double Setup.


3) Select the Double Setup procedure and click Accept



4) Merge the Labour Analgesia case with the Double Set up; click Labor Analgesia then click Accept

cid:image008.jpg@01D54799.9B2CF1C0 \


5) The records are now merged and you have access to the full grid/graph.   Select the appropriate macro and complete the documentation.




This process should also work for an L&D patient coming to the OR for an operative procedure-eg.D&C for retained products or PPH.


Proceed as per above.  To avoid confusion, you can select the “Other OR Case” or double click.






What about a patient coming to the OR for something other than above-eg. Twin delivery.


All we do in this case is to continue the Epidural.


1.       Find the patient on the Epidural Rounding list or the LDR & Triage.


2.       Select the current “Labor Analgesia” Procedure.








3.       You will open to the Preprocedure area.  Navigate to the “Epidural”



4.       Hitting the “Epi à OR” icon will place a marker on the timeline and prompt for the time of this event.



A reminder to add the C-Section Macro currently appears.  You don’t have to do this unless you know it’s going to be a C-Section.  This needs to be fixed.  No macro need be selected unless required.



5. Click the “intra” to view the traditional anesthesia record grid and graph


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