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Anesthesia Workflow-Litho Suite
(current as of Oct. 22, 2019)
ESWL makes up the vast majority of cases in the Litho Suite.  As such, the MAIN computer is located behind the lead glass.  The computer attached to the anesthesia workstation should be considered a SLAVE.
 The Capsule Device (Thompson) on the Anesthesia Workstation is now physically linked to the MAIN computer (PC behind the lead glass). You should no longer have to manually link using the “Device” icon.   
When starting a case, you MUST initiate “Start Data Collection” from the MAIN computer (PC behind the lead glass).  The scanner is also physically attached to the MAIN computer and is required to confirm patient identity. 
Once the correct patient is identified, you can use the SLAVE PC on the anesthesia workstation if desired.  It should pick up ALL physiologic and ventilatory data.  You can administer Meds, complete Events and satisfy Reminders on either the MAIN or SLAVE PC.
At case completion, you must use the MAIN computer (PC behind the lead glass) to STOP Data Collection and dissociate the capsule from the patient.

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