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Outpatient Prescriptions


1.       In the PAU navigator, select “ORDERS”



2.       Enter the name of the drug you want to prescribe.  In this example, I have chosen “Spiriva”



3.       Pick the medication found in the “After Visit Medications”



4.       Confirm the details of the prescription are correct.  “Print” is selected by default. “Accept” to generate a paper copy and formalize the order in EPIC.



5.       “Sign” the order


6.       Confirm the Phase of Care.  “Pre-Admission Testing” is the correct selection.



7.       Your order can now be viewed in the REVIEW area of the navigator.


Alternatively, you can use the Preference List to achieve the same result.








In some situations, a drug may NOT be found in the “After Visit Medication” list.


1.       Enter the name of the drug who want to prescribe.  In this example, I have chosen “Ativan”




Note that it is visible in “Clinic Administered Medications”.  You will NOT be able to generate a Rx.



2.       Simply change from Preference List to Facility List.  The drug now APPEARS in the “After Visit Medication” area.



3.       Now follow the same steps as per the original instructions.

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