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Procedure Pass-Patient not fit for surgery.

In current state, anesthesiologist opens “Anesthesiologist Preoperative Orders”


Hard stop at “Fit for surgery”.   In this example, we are saying that the patient is NOT fit for surgery.





This order does not talk to anything in the system.  In current state, the RN must retrieve this order to see if the patient is truly fit for surgery.


The “ order review ” shows up as blank until you tell the system what you want. In this case I told the system to look back 72 hours.












It finds my ACTIVE order.  Notice how the order says “Patient fit for surgery” because this is the name of the order. Now the RN must query the order under “Order Report”

Now you can see the comment that was written.  Under, “Order Questions”, you see the question, “Patient fit for surgery” and the answer, “NO”


The way the process is intended to flow is as follows:

Under “ Procedure Info ”, the MD must navigate down to the “ Upcoming Procedure ” and click on the link “ Do Not Proceed ”.

It is quite clear at this point and the comment box needs to be populated.





Notice how it is quite clear under “ Tasks ” that the procedure should not proceed.

The next step would be to open “Procedure Pass”.

The comment is there, and you select the “Do Not Proceed” box.

As per the paper world, clear communication with the patient and the surgeon is required.

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