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Pacemaker Clinic-OUTPATIENT

This document describes how to request an outpatient consultation to the Pacemaker Clinic.  Typically, this would be done in the PAU.

A request for consultation is considered an ORDER in EPIC. 

1.       In the PAU navigator, click on “Orders” and either

a.       enter “Ambulatory referral to Cardiology

b.       OR preferably, click on the “Pref List”

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1.jpg

2.       Hitting, “ Pref List ” brings up a comprehensive list of things that you may want to order outside of the limited scope of the standard Preop Anesthesia Order Set.  Notice the radio button in the header is defaulting to “After Visit”.  (For something you need done during the PAU visit, you need to change to “During visit”). Click on “Consults, then select UOHI Pre-Operative Cardiac Device Assessment Referral, then “Accept”.

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1a.jpg


3.       Notice that the vast majority of the fields to insure proper routing are pre-selected.  Change fields if appropriate.

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1c.jpg



4.       The remaining fields will need to be populated


I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1d.jpg


Hit “Accept” and sign the order.

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1f.jpg


5.       Choose the appropriate phase of care.  The system will default to Preprocedure but it is more correct to choose the “Pre-Admission Testing”

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1g.jpg


The protocol information can now be viewed in the chart.  Users will need to go the the “Referrals” tab in Chart Review, select the Referral order to view. I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1h.jpg


REMEMBER-If a consult to the Pacemaker Clinic is initiated in the PAU, it is IMPERATIVE that you create a task.  This is relevant any time you order something outside of the usual preop orders.  Otherwise, no one will know that you have requested something and no one will no to look for a result in order to provide final clearance to proceed to surgery.




6.       To create a task, select or scroll to the “Tasks” section of the PAU navigator.  Again, you can search fo a specific task (eg: ECG) or use the “+Add” to pull up a preference list.  Choose the most appropriate selection if there is no task that specifically describes what you want-there is some flexibility as to what you choose because the important information should be included in the comment section of the task.


I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1i.jpg

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1j.jpg

Now the nurses know that the patient CANNOT come to the OR until this additional task is complete.  The nurses will keep an eye on ANY task added to the list and let you know when results are in for you to peruse. 


7.       Once you review the task, you can determine if it is complete or if anything more needs to be done.

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1l.jpg


8.       If you mark “Complete”, it now appears under the task heading, “Complete”.

I:\EPIC-from work computer\pacemaker ambulatory1k.jpg





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