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If SIMS Periop Manager stops working during a busy evening/night on-call, it can be very frustrating.  There is probably no time to wait for some in-experienced IT Help Desk to sort out the problem.  Here are some tips and suggestions before you switch to a paper record.

  1. If you are lucky enough to be between cases and SIMS Periop Manager is working in another OR, you could move the case to that OR - or - switch out the Anesthesia workstations for one that does work.
  2. If you have already started your case and the SIMS Periop Manager seems to be acting up (very slow or frozen up), either close down Periop Manager (if possible) and restart - or -  turn off the computer (press the ON/OFF button for 5 secs) and then re-boot and restart Periop Manager.  Either way, SIMS will know that a case was in progress on this computer and will ask you as soon as it starts if you want to "restart" the case.
  3. If you are well into your case and you cannot get Periop Manager to restart or the computer has died, you still have the option to bring in another anesthesia workstation to switch on-the-fly.  (This is probably worthwhile only if you anticipate considerable time left in your case.)
  4. If all else fails, you will need to switch to a paper record.  You do not need to re-copy all the vital signs and previous notes charted in SIMS prior to the paper switch IF you can access another SIMS computer and confirm using Remote View that the SIMS chart exists.  Record in Remote View about the SIMS failure and that you are switching to a paper record.  THEN - Print to both vOacis AND then to paper what has been documented so far, before leaving Remote View.  Note on your new paper record that it is a continuation of an anesthetic record that was started in SIMS but was stopped mid-case due to a tech failure and keep both paper records together.
IMPORTANT! Refer to this PDF sheet which summarizes the algorithm to follow when you experience technical problems with SIMS afterhours. 
This flowsheet will guide you through the steps, including notifying IT Help Desk with the computer ID number that has failed, so that a priority work order will be filed.  It is important to get the computer or SIMS software working again ASAP for a busy day of scheduled cases! 
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