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2012-Jan-04: Paul Connelly writes:

You will notice that our epidural kits have a new yellow connector in them. This has replaced the blue connecter which was causing problems (unable to close it). Several people have told me that they have had problems injecting through the epidural catheter once the yellow connecter is closed. I have spoken to the company rep who tells me that {color:#ff0000}{*}the epidural catheter must be pushed all the way into the connecter before it is closed otherwise it will obstruct flow{*}{color}. *{_}The connecter can be reopened after it has been shut so that the catheter can be reseated if it has not been pushed in far enough{_}*. I have attached instructions for the connecter. If you experience continued problems please keep the connecter and the cover of the epidural kit which has the lot number and pass it onto me at the General or Pat Sullivan at the Civic.
{panel} [*Read the info sheet about the new epidural connector.*|^Epifuse Sell Sheet 123672.pdf]