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Abnormal Lab Results in the PAU


In the legacy (SIMS) world, all lab results requested in the PAU would be triaged by the RN and abnormal results were reviewed and signed off by the Anesthesiologist.  If relevant, the MD would re-open a patient’s chart and include this new information in the Addenda section.


A similar process will be followed using the messaging system within EPIC.  The RN will be aware of the number of anesthesiologists working in the PAU on a given day.  If more than one, the RN will alternate messaging between anesthesiologists. 

The system will display all results for a fixed period of time on a patient (30 days).  There is currently no way the blood work NOT ordered in the PAU can be filtered out.  However, the RN will include what would have been ordered in the PAU and that is what we focus on.  All blood work ordered by other physicians (but included in results review) will also be going to the ordering physician.



It’s hard to see but there is a “ Staff Message ” icon at the top.

Click on the “Staff Message”

The name of the sender is seen on the left side (Sylvain Gagne) and the patient to whom the message relates to is on the right.  Use the pull-down menu under the “Chart” tab to select, “Result Review”

You will be presented with a box that tells you what the system is going to search for.  Click “ Accept

Magically, all the results are presented. 

If you feel the result or a comment related to said result should be placed into the Pre-Eval, navigate to 1) “ Chart Review ”, select the “ Encounters ” tab directly below the “ Chart Review ” heading and 2) locate the note.  There are some filters which are defaulted, so if necessary, click to uncheck any filter activity.  You will see a “read only” version of the note on the right.

To get into the note, 3) click on “ Encounter









You are now back in “Pre Procedure” navigator.  You can scroll down to the anesthesia note or click on the         to take you directly to the note.  Click “Addend in Notewriter” and you will now be able to free text what you want.  “ Sign ” the note.

Return to the In Basket and select “ Done ” on the relevant message.

The message disappears.

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